Taking place after the 4 year time-skip, a new breed of Gundam Meisters, and the old ones, take the scene to battle against new and old foes in the A-Laws

    Genesis and Guidelines For the Simulation Chamber

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    Genesis and Guidelines For the Simulation Chamber Empty Genesis and Guidelines For the Simulation Chamber

    Post by Mu on Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:13 pm

    Zero will probably add his own rules later on, but I'd like to keep this place as free from structure as I can, to allow for experimentation.

    I noticed on trinity forums that when the story started to slow because of inactive members, the RPG quickly lost momentum and died. It is my hope that with this new addition, should the main RP story begin to slow, there will be a place for the active members to engage their minds and kill time until the story starts to pick up pace again...

    The Simulation Code

    *Since the threads here can take place anywhere, I'd like it if the originator would specify in the first post the location that the Role Play is taking place.

    *I also do not wish to prevent any characters from 00 or any of the Gundam Franchises to be disallowed. There are also no rules to say the same character can't be in every thread, since it's a simulation, Neil Dylandy can be alive and omnipotent enough to be at every fanboysgirls call.

    * That said, certain topics might be intended for only specific characters/groups to be used, which in that case should be outlined in the initial post.

    *As is usual, there is to be no god modding, this place was intended to encourage creativity so if I see someone stifling that, I will be forced to creatively bring the gods back to earth.

    Well, that's all I have so far, I'll put up a template for Simulation start so that it saves people having to go through or forget the motions every time.

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