Taking place after the 4 year time-skip, a new breed of Gundam Meisters, and the old ones, take the scene to battle against new and old foes in the A-Laws

    The World of C

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    The World of C Empty The World of C

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    The World of C Lelouch-29

    The World of C CGL

    The Holy Empire of Britannia, The Black Knights , The Chinese Dynasty

    Its now a more original RPG going with the bases of Code Geass.
    The Plot

    [blockquote]The nobility of Britannia, still furious over the abolition of their statuses and ranks, organize and rebel - leading all of the most powerful figures in Britannia to unite against the royalty. Realizing that this could serve to engulf the entire world in yet another war, the Britannian royal family is returns to its rightful rule to control the aristocracy, giving the nobles back their privileges and positions within the Imperial government. Just as before, however, the nobility soon return to their cold, harsh ways - scorning those beneath them and seeking more power than ever. Class differences deepen and there is a return of the Purist movement, those in the nobility of purely-Britannian bloodlines seeking to ultimately disenfranchise and dominate those who aren't. Britannia defects from the U.F.N to become the world's foremost superpower, the growing will to dominate the world with Britannian supremacy by the council of nobility is now a threatening concern as many including other members of the Royal family wish to de-thrown the current Emperor .

    The European Union, having lost most of its territory to Britannia a hundred years prior, has been gradually becoming more and more visible in their attempts to retake it, aiding underground rebellions and anti-Britannian organizations. Though they were given a big span of their land back years ago, it is clear that they aren't stopping there. Now that they see Britannia in an uneasy state of balance, the EU is likely planning to continue their efforts in undermining Britannia's hold on its subjects.

    As well, Japan has been renamed Area 11 in an attempt by Britannian nobility to reclaim their dominance over the world. Naturally, the Japanese are riotous over this forced return to the state they thought they had been freed of. The state of affairs gradually becomes more and more similar to that of the Black Rebellion, though much has changed since then. One fact remains true now just as then, however: the Japanese will not sit idle and tolerate being returned to a sub-human status.

    Nearby, the new Chinese Dynasty is struggling to maintain its place as a world superpower. After the attempted civil war a hundred years ago, the Dynasty has been shaky in its hold over its collection of states and the government is finding it hard to keep up in the current state of turmoil in the world.

    In all corners of the world, allies are few and everyone seems to be waiting for the right time to strike one another[/blockquote]

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