Taking place after the 4 year time-skip, a new breed of Gundam Meisters, and the old ones, take the scene to battle against new and old foes in the A-Laws

    Gundam SEED: Destiny - Faces of Death

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    Gundam SEED: Destiny - Faces of Death Empty Gundam SEED: Destiny - Faces of Death

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    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Destiny
    Faces of Death

    Mike Wolowicz
    (aka: BontaKun117, Graham Aker, Jeremiah Gottwald)

    AN: This idea came to me early one day while I was watching SEED: Destiny. I've actually had this chapter written for a while, but I'm not often a fan of my own work, so it doesn't generally get posted anywhere.
    Anyway, enjoy!


    Begin Report

    Date: C.E. 93, March 23rd

    The Bloody Valentine Wars were a time of unprecedented bloodshed for the Human race. So many lives were extinguished in such a short time that even now, 20 years after the end of the hostilities between Naturals and Coordinators, our species is still rebuilding. One would not be erroneous in claiming that the actions of a select few, most notably Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala, were largely responsible for the end of both wars.
    While the previous statements are rather widely regarded as truth, very few actually take into account the number of people that were killed by those men. During his time piloting the GAT-X105 Strike, Kira Yamato shot down and destroyed his fair share of enemy combatants. Shortly after the destruction of the Strike, Yamato defected from the Earth Alliance military, choosing instead to operate independently in his newly-acquired Mobile Suit, the ZGMF-X10A Freedom alongside the former Alliance vessel Archangel. It was during this time that Yamato fought some of the fiercest battles of his life. The fact that many of the opponents that he defeated during the First Bloody Valentine War lived on after their encounters with him is simply staggering.
    When the Second Bloody Valentine War broke out in C.E. 73, the young man continued his policy of saving lives and preventing combat wherever and whenever he could. The destruction of the Freedom at the hands of Shinn Asuka in the ZGMF-X56S Impulse did not dissuade his ideals or methods in the least and he resumed his personal campaign against the war upon receiving the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom.
    In contrast, Athrun Zala, formerly a “red” with the ZAFT military, walked a bloodier path. Until the Earth Alliance’s invasion of the Orb Union, Athrun was a model soldier: he followed his orders to the best of his ability, fought heroically, and killed the enemy wherever he could. Upon the beginning of the attack on Orb, Athrun began to see things in much the same way as his long-time friend Kira. The two fought magnificently in the space battles that followed the Fall of Orb, sparing the lives of many of those who battled against the Three Ship Alliance.
    During the Second Bloody Valentine War, Zala seemed to have forgotten his aversion to killing and spent a large portion of the conflict fighting from the ZAFT vessel Minerva. During this time, it took his alleged framing by then-PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal and subsequent attempt on his life by Shinn Asuka, now piloting the ZGMF-X42S Destiny, to finally convince Zala to once again abandon ZAFT and work with the Terminal forces (known previously as the Three Ships Alliance). Once again, Yamato and Zala fought with astonishing care placed on sparing lives.
    In short, Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala are true heroes of our age, as well as what could be termed “heralds of peace.”

    That fact makes the truth of the next statement all the more saddening. Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala are two of the most horrific killers in human history. It is undeniable that they saved countless lives, but they often did so by destroying the combat capabilities of others. How often were Mobile Suits crippled and left to drift hopelessly in space? How many battle ships were damaged beyond repair, venting precious atmosphere into the endless vacuum? How many of Yamato’s and Zala’s enemies were trapped in the firing lines of the Genesis or Messiah? The fact of the matter is that the pair’s actions often led to the deaths of the people that they fought.
    The report that follows is a documentation of a portion of those deaths, salvaged from damaged husks of the weapons of old. Much of the matter is rather gruesome and should be experienced only by those who are prepared.

    AN: Well, that’s not exactly where I expected this to go, but I my fingers seem to have minds of their own sometimes. Anyway, the next chapters will be longer, so don’t worry. This one is just supposed to be the “introduction” to the report, as you could probably tell. And now, dear reader, I leave it up to you to do that voodoo that you do so well! Positive support and/or criticisms would be greatly appreciated.

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