Taking place after the 4 year time-skip, a new breed of Gundam Meisters, and the old ones, take the scene to battle against new and old foes in the A-Laws

    Gundam 00P: The 8th Solar Conflict

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    Gundam 00P: The 8th Solar Conflict Empty Gundam 00P: The 8th Solar Conflict

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    AD 2306

    A new Solar Conflict is arising in Africa, where African efforts are focused towards forming a fourth power bloc to the three. While Africa itself is considered a 'part' of the AEU, it is still on paper independent of the AEU, despite the fact that they built their orbital elevator in Africa.
    Revolution in Uganda against the AEU protectorate, aided by rebels from the Union have meant that Union troops have had to be sent in to help stabilise the country, as well as help the country in asserting its national identity.
    However, on the other side, in Congo, the HRL has been spurring on its own interests in the Congan governments, spurring them to take the Orbital Elevator construction site for themselves.

    The AEU themselves, however, have hired mercenaries in the area to establish a perimeter around the orbital elevator construction site, to ensure that the money that they have invested into the orbital elevator project does not go to waste.

    Now the question arises - who will be claim the orbital elevator in the end?

    Kampala, AEU Protectorate of Uganda

    "This is Kinue Crossroad for JNN, reporting from the capital city of Uganda, Kampala. I'm here investigating the rumours of conflict dia ... wait, what was that?!"
    The camera panned overhead, as a loud sonic boom roared through the sky. The camera shook as explosions began to blossom all around, and a loud roar sounded as a large horde of men in carrying old assault rifles surged down the street.
    "Back on me, quick, back on me!"
    The camera returned to Kinue Crossroad, her face framed by a short bob-cut, a sleeveless jacket and blouse inside, and a lanyard around her neck prominently displaying the words PRESS, indicating that she had immunity as a journalist. Kinue looked around quickly. She turned and ran, beckoning to the camera to follow. The camera bobbed up and down as its bearer followed her into an alley, where the two of them watched the tide of black-skinned men charge down the street, some firing their old assault rifles into the air.
    Kinue now faced the camera.
    "It appears that we've been caught in the middle of a coup by the Ugandan Liberation Front. They're heading for the AEU's Protectorate Administration building, along wih ..."
    She squinted upwards through the window at the jets flying through the sky.
    Several mobile suits, painted dark green and bearing the mark of the Ugandan Liberation Front, marched through, Kinue and the cameraman watching as it proceeded to fill up a pair of Hellions, trying to defend the city, with rounds.
    "Union-make mobile suits."

    Brazzaville, AEU Protectorate of Congo

    The entire city shook as artillery shells smashed into the city, accurately destroying the largest defence garrison, as well as several vital infrastructure areas, paralysing the city before a battalion of Anfs, piloted by the Free Congo Revolution forces, marched in with support from high-mobility Tierens parachuting in.
    Resistance was taken down quickly, as the surprised AEU forces present were unable to mount an effective defence before the Free Congo Revolution and the Human Reform League were able to take the capital.

    In a lightning fast operation, the HRL had quickly moved in 'supporting' troops, quickly stationing large groups of Tieren Ground Types in the capital.

    Proving Grounds base near the EU Elevator construction site, Lake Victoria

    The communications tower was filled with the feeling of a frantic rush.
    "Kampali, just try to hold out! We'll be sending forces out as soon as possible! Kampali, please re-"
    "We've lost communication with Brazzaville! They must have cut communications!"
    "The same with Kampali!"

    The ranking officer, a Lieutenant Colonel Markos, grimaced.
    "How could it have happened ..." he could only manage, the sheer enormity of this situation threatening to overwhelm him.
    "Alert the higher-ups! We have to get some forces out here as soon as possible!"
    There was a pregnant pause, before the commander declared something with a grin.

    "They're sending some of the best units from Moralia!"
    "PMC Trust?!"

    Clinton carrier group, off the western coast of Africa

    Captain Graham Aker tried not to yawn, as he leaned back in the chair inside the briefing room. A higher-ranked officer was briefing the USS Clinton's Realdo squadron on their mission.
    "You all will be sent on to Kampala International Airport, where we will set up a makeshift base to support local forces. We're supposed to be peacekeeping forces, so don't open fire on enemy forces unless they open fire on you first."
    He glanced around.
    "Any other questions?"
    Graham sighed and tried not to facepalm.
    A routine milk-run. No doubt they wanted to establish a beachhead and staging point where Union Realdos could set up forces.

    Makeshift HRL base, Brazzaville

    Major Sergei Smirnov looked out at the assembled group of soldiers, their high-mobility Tierens behind them. The sky above was filled with parachuting packages.
    Parts for the Tierens - he knew that command wanted to establish a presence in Brazzaville, with the idea of moving on the AEU base in Lake Victoria, and to try to claim the AEU orbital elevator construction site for themselves.

    "Is everyone here?" he called.
    "I need an accurate count so that we can work out who will need what for the Tieren parts that are coming down. Within twenty hours, I expect you all to have converted your Tieren HMTs to ground types in whatever configuration you need. We'll be securing the city soon afterwards."

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