Taking place after the 4 year time-skip, a new breed of Gundam Meisters, and the old ones, take the scene to battle against new and old foes in the A-Laws

    Orange Haro's Template for Simulations

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    Orange Haro's Template for Simulations Empty Orange Haro's Template for Simulations

    Post by Mu on Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:31 pm

    Simulation Name: Just give the name of what your simulation is, it can be a cunning literary observation or just a simple designation, it's up to you.
    I.E 'A Date With Destiny'

    Short Description: What are your initial idea's for the simulation you are creating?
    I.E Setsuna and Tieria finally make time for one another, and decide to have dinner together aboard the Plotemy, though perhaps the rest of the crew will interject?

    Location(s): Where and when your Simulated RP will take place.

    The Plotemaios II, 2312 AD

    Character Restrictions:
    Which characters/groups do you want to use?
    I.E Celestial Being only.
    If you have no restrictions, mere put 'None'.

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